Wyldfire Revolution takes well being and self-care to the next level. Curated by women for women, Wyldfire Revolution is both a concept and space intended to encourage women to take the necessary time out to nurture themselves. We provide an accessible retreat from the everyday, with just the right amount of adventure, soulful activity, and moments of connection with other women, all unfolding in natural settings chosen to inspire. Wyldfire Revolution offers various organized and custom adventures.


Wyldfire Revolution provides the space for women to gather in community and participate in various adventures. Each of these adventures has its own unique vibe, unfolding in beautiful settings chosen to inspire.

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Looking for a unique way to celebrate an occasion? Corporate retreat? Or just a special day/evening with friends? Wyldfire Revolution will plan a customized gathering for you. We will take care of everything. Just show up ready for an unforgettable experience. Contact us to discuss details.


Our retreat in the woods was nothing short of magical. Even though we were only a few miles away, I felt transported to another world. The frenetic pace of life in Fairfield County strains the soul and a half day retreat with the ladies from Wyldfire Revolution was what I needed to replenish. I learned that I can enjoy a hike!
— Stacey
I went on Wyldfire’s most recent trip and it was BRILLIANT. A day for me, to be healthy, reflective, nurtured. Just sign up - bring a friend- this was exactly what the doctor ordered and my heart and body needed. Highly recommend.
— Stephanie
What an amazing way to spend 4 hours while my daughter is at preschool. So important for moms to take time for themselves! The errands can wait.
— Gena
What a fabulous day! I think everyone who was there would agree: It was a special gathering that will stay with us for a long time to come. An adventure and bonding time that allows women to release stress and take in love and acceptance. Powerful stuff!
— Romy
Looking to arrange a special reunion with my college friends, I reached out to Janet and Margo. They customized a Wyldfire event just for our group incorporating yoga, a hike to a waterfall and a picnic in the woods. Pushing us just beyond our boundaries, it was an amazing experience filled with love and support for each other. A new memory that old friends will always remember.
— Gabrielle
On a beautiful spring morning, Janet and Margo led me, along with several other women, on a transformative journey into the woods, just a short drive away from my home ... This is an experience I normally would seek out while traveling, but never one I would have thought to treat myself to in the routine of my everyday life. Janet and Margo have tapped into something truly special and have a unique gift of supporting the growth of the inner warrior in all of us. 
— Laura